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Munir Adnan Ur Rehman

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Registration Number:
Registered with Conditions
Registrant Type:
First Registered on:
14 Jul 1999
Current period of registration from:
13 Mar 2000 until: 31 Dec 2022
BDS Lond 1999
Conditions from:
02 Jan 2022 until: 01 Sep 2022
1. He must notify the GDC within 7 days of any post he accepts for which GDC registration is required. Notification must include any Commissioning Body on whose Dental Performers List he is included. 2. If employed, he must provide contact details of his employer and allow the GDC to exchange information with his employer or any contracting body for which he provides dental services. 3. He must inform the GDC within 7 days of any formal disciplinary proceedings taken against him, from the date of this determination. 4. He must inform the GDC within 7 days of any complaints made against him from the date these conditions take effect. 5. He must inform the GDC if he applies for dental employment outside the UK. 6. At any time he is employed, or providing dental services, which require him to be registered with the GDC, he must place himself and remain under the supervision of a workplace supervisor nominated by him and approved by the GDC. The workplace supervisor must be a GDC registered dentist and have experience providing implant treatment. His work must be reviewed fortnightly by the supervisor via face to face meetings or remotely via videolink. 7. He must not return to work until his workplace supervisor has been approved by the GDC. 8. He must present the workplace supervisor with a copy of this determination, suitably anonymised. He must send the GDC written evidence of the notification to his workplace supervisor within 14 days of the workplace supervisor being approved by the GDC. 9. He must maintain a log of all patients to whom he provides conscious sedation and/or implant treatment or he must confirm in writing that there have been no cases. The log must be reviewed and signed by his workplace supervisor. He must provide a copy of this log to the GDC every three months and at least 14 days prior to any review hearing. 10. He must submit reports from his workplace supervisor to the GDC every three months and at least 14 days prior to any review hearing. The Reports should specifically cover the following areas: • Pre-treatment investigations (including medical histories); • Treatment planning; • Record Keeping; • Implant Treatment; • Conscious Sedation; • Radiographs including assessment. 11. He must allow the GDC to exchange information with his employer or any organisation for which he is contracted to provide dental services, and any Postgraduate Dental Dean/Director, workplace supervisor or educational supervisor referred to in these conditions. 12. He must inform within one week, the following parties that his registration is subject to the conditions, listed at (1) to (11), above: • Any organisation or person employing or contracting with him to undertake dental work. • Any prospective employer (at the time of application). • The Commissioning Body in whose Dental Performers List he is included, or seeking inclusion (at the time of application) 13. He must permit the GDC to disclose the above conditions, (1) to (12), to any person requesting information about his registration status.
Registration History:
At a review hearing on 26 November 2021 the Interim Orders Committee continued the conditions on Mr Rehman's registration for the remainder of the 18 months order. The 18 month order was originally imposed on 2 July 2020. On 3 December 2021 the High Court extended the order for a further 8 months.