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Name TOHANI, Vivek
Registration number 71874
Profession Dentist
Start of hearing 09:30 11 October 2019
End of hearing 11 October 2019
Hearing address Two East Poultry Avenue, Smithfield, London, EC1A 9PT
Type of hearing Interim Orders Committee

Outcome summary

At a review hearing on 11 October 2019 the Interim Orders Committee continued Mr Tohani's conditions for the remainder of the 12 month High Court extension. The order was previously varied on 8 February 2018, 26 July 2018 and 26 November 2018. . On 6 September 2018 the High Court extended the order for a period of 12 months. On 5 September 2019 the High Court extended the order again for a further 12 months. This will be reviewed in 6 months

Outcome Conditions continued
Determination TOHANI IOC (review) PUBLIC Determination - October 2019.pdf

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