Name PATEL, Amit
Registration number 176925
Profession Dentist
Start of hearing 09:30 16 March 2020
End of hearing 24 March 2020
Hearing address
Type of hearing Professional Conduct Committee

Outcome summary

On [[DATE_OF_HEARING]] the hearing was adjourned part heard. A date for the hearing to re-open will be scheduled in due course. On [[DATE_OF_HEARING]] the hearing was adjourned part heard and will resume on [[DATE_NEXT_HEARING]]. On [[DATE_OF_HEARING]] the Health Committee hearing was adjourned part-heard following announcement of the findings of fact. Stage 2 of this hearing will open on [[DATE_NEXT_HEARING]].

Outcome Adjourned Part Heard
Charge PATEL PCC Resumed 16-24 March 2019 WS5.pdf

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