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Lucy Jane Williams
Registration Number:
Registered with Conditions
Registrant Type:
First Registered on:
01 Jul 2016
Current period of registration from:
01 Jul 2016 until: 31 Dec 2019
BDS University of Plymouth 2016
Conditions from:
11 Oct 2019 until: 10 Apr 2021
1. She must notify the GDC within 7 days of any post she accepts for which GDC registration is required. 2. She must notify the Commissioning Body on whose Dental Performers List she is included within 7 days of any post she accepts for which a Dental Performers List number is required. 3. If employed, she must provide contact details of her employer within 7 days and allow the GDC to exchange information with her employer or any contracting body for which she provides dental services. 4. She must inform the GDC within 7 days of any formal disciplinary proceedings taken against her from the date of this determination. 5. She must inform the GDC within 7 days if she applies for dental employment outside the UK. 6. She must only work at premises where another registered dentist is on the premises at the same time as she is working and with whom she has made personal contact before she commences treatment of patients at each session. 7. She must permit the GDC to make contact with and exchange information with any dentist falling within condition (6). 8. At any time she is employed or providing dental services which require her to be registered with the GDC, she must place herself and remain under the supervision of a workplace supervisor nominated by her and agreed by the GDC. The workplace supervisor shall be a GDC Registrant in the same category of the register as the registrant or higher. Her work must be reviewed weekly by the supervisor via a physical face to face meeting and case based discussion. She must not start/restart work until these arrangements have been approved by the GDC. 9. She must provide the workplace supervisor with a copy of the IOC’s determination and permit the GDC and workplace supervisor to exchange information. 10. She must provide a report from her workplace supervisor to the GDC every month and at least 14 days prior to any hearing. The reports from the workplace supervisor are to include full details of the discussions and any action points resulting from the meetings with her workplace supervisor. 11. She must prior to carrying out any patient treatment which involves extractions, or any procedure which, if it were carried out under the NHS would fall into Band 3, discuss and agree that proposed treatment with a GDC Registrant in the same category of the register as the registrant or higher. 12. She must compile a daily log of all of her clinical work including, recording all treatment provided by her or considered in pursuance of condition 11 above, and the name of the dentist falling within condition (6) above and provide a copy of the log to her supervisor on a weekly basis. She must provide the GDC with a copy of any such logs on a monthly basis. 13. She must carry out audits in the areas of: • Pre-treatment investigations (including medical histories); • Treatment planning; • Prescribing practice; • Radiography (including radiographic prescribing); • Periodontal assessment and treatment; • Informed consent; • Record keeping. These audits must be verified and signed by her workplace supervisor and provided to the GDC every month and at least 14 days prior to any hearing. 14. She must not undertake any short- term locum post (of a duration of less than three months) or undertake any out of hours work or on call duties. 15. She must inform the following parties within 1 week that her registration is subject to the conditions listed above: • Any organisation or person employing or contracting with her undertake dental work (this condition is not intended to include patients); • Any locum agency or out of hours service she is registered with or which she applies to be registered with (at the time of application); • Any prospective employer (at the time of application); • The Commissioning Body in whose Dental Performers List she is included, or to which she may seek inclusion (at the time of application).
16. She must permit the GDC to disclose the above conditions 1-15 to any person requesting information about her registration status.
Registration History:
On 11 October 2019 the Interim Orders Committee imposed conditions on Ms Williams' registration for a period of 18 months. This will be reviewed in 6 months.


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